Market analysis of stroller products

The peak seasons for travel outside is spring and summer,the baby stroller is the necessary to the baby for a family outdoor travel,all the moms love this stroller travel for baby.base on the increasing economic situation in China,the living standard are also increasing, the Consumption concept for all people already changed a lot, In the past years, the baby stroller products are luxury to a normal family,but now it is quite general for all families to go outdoor travel.

In the last year,the COVID 19 decreased the baby products market growing a lot,but after the strickly control this COVID situation,the baby stroller market recovery a lot. According to the Tmall centre (TMIC) statistical data showing: on the march,2020 buying orders growing back and market recovery obviously. Base on the Head leopard Research Institute showing data:The baby stroller market scale in China from 5.53 Billion yuan on 2014 to 14.95 billon yuan on 2018. On 2021 it can reach and over 20 billon yuan.


Couple weeks ago,the TMIC released a report named ( 2021baby stroller market forecasting),as this report showing. On 2020 it is high percentage market share on low-market which price is below 680 yuan and middle-market on price range between 681 yuan-1761 yuan; it is 50.2% and 27%; but the growing power are mainly from the high level market. Although the market price above 1761 of market share is only 22.9%,it is increased 3.7% on same will be more increasing on market of 2021 because the parents belongs to 90,95 and 00 years of stage have the strong buying power,the most important is they want to give the best products to the baby. Same time those parents want to have more options of outdoor parent-child interaction and more options of travel stroller for the kids. This strong demends will push the market forward again on the high level baby stroller market.

High quality,more compact ,light weight and easy control are become the key words of current market demends on baby stroller products.They are more concern on comfortable and easy travel. In that case all the brands of stroller come to focus on those points.GB is good baby group come out the carbon fibre materials stroller-Swan,the weight is only 7.2kgs,it can be take and control only one hand of parent; Bebebus is aim to portable on airplane, one handle folding, can sit and sleep position, it becomes most welcomed brand.

On the heavy brand of bugaboo of Tmall shop,the 3 best sale 3 products are both owns light weight,reversible and foldable functions.Elittle and Dream developed the market base on the portable features covered the market well,shuwei brand owns the most famous products of high landscape stroller with travelable highchair,easy travel with light weight to carry is become the hot topic.

All above those, the strolle market is become to the light-compact- individualized features. Depending on different consumers level,All the shops developed all kinds of products to meet their different demands, in order to have more Breakthrough on their individual market area.

Post time: Dec-25-2021