Development prospects of baby strollers in the market

On current market consumers,mostly are 80 and 90 years of people,their concern is only mostly on quality; stroller is a portable baby carrier,already welcomed and accepted by them.

On the past years period, the stroller buying is mainly from low economic market zone.With the developing of economic level,the village income growing a lot push the stroller market growing,it becomes a main consumers increasing area.from year2010 to year 2016 the new born baby from 15.92 million to 17.86 million, specially from Nov,2013 the new policy of two-child affect the new born percentage from 2013 to 2014 is 470 hundreds increased which is saying 2.87% ;from year 2016 the universal two-child policy released, the population are growing a lot.Compare to 2015 is 1.31 million more.It is 15.28 million newly born population on 2018 and 14.65 million newly born population on 2019 on percentage of new born 10.48%;

Baby stroller is a regular and typical products in all baby items market,covers 20% of the whole baby products market.the baby stroller products income is stable increasing between 2016 and 2018. On the yer 2018 the income is over 10 billion yuan,reached 11.15 billion yuan finally.In China the children below 16 years old reached 380 million. Aim to this huge potential market, all the shops and companies are attracted on this opportunity.this market demands will drive tens of million people working and it is huge demands of is 40% increased each year,main reasons are like those,The first, the consumer social groups changed to 80 years and 90 years of people.the second is economic growing changed the consumption concept,the normal third-tier market put the stroller products from luxury to necessary one on all families,even the village market growing obviously.The third is the on line business shops growing up a lot,this easy buy and easy received channel push the consumption growing mostly.

Post time: Dec-25-2021