Quzhou County, which has won the reputation of “children’s bicycle cultural industry cluster area in Hebei Province”

Quzhou County, which has won the reputation of "children's bicycle cultural industry cluster area in Hebei Province", currently has more than 1800 bicycle, children's bicycle, electric vehicle and accessories manufacturers, including more than 110 small, medium-sized and micro enterprises with a certain scale, with an annual production of 25 million bicycles, children's bicycles and electric vehicles. Its products sell well all over the country and are exported to Asia, Europe, Africa More than 30 countries and regions, including the Americas.

The production and processing of strollers in Quzhou County began in the late 1970s. After decades of development, the stroller and accessories industry in Quzhou County has gradually developed from the initial family workshop production to the large-scale production of supporting enterprises. There are more than 1800 large and medium-sized enterprises, involving more than 50000 employees. In recent years, under the guidance of local policies, by increasing scientific and technological investment and building R & D platforms, The annual sales revenue is 2.2 billion yuan, forming an industrial cluster integrating production, processing, sales and socialized services. Under the normal prevention and control of COVID-19, Quzhou has actively implemented the measures of "six stability and six guarantees", and the various functional departments and the relevant townships have taken the initiative to help children's car enterprises to fully resume work and resume production, so as to achieve new development and minimize the impact of the epidemic.


With the strong support of relevant departments, our Tongxiang stroller products has increased production, and the output has increased by more than 20% over the same period last year. This year, we have hired five new senior designers to build international products, strive for world brands and contribute to the construction of a stroller town. With the support of national policies and a firm foothold in the epidemic, our company once again targeted the overseas market, further strengthened product research and development, and developed new products for different national cultures.

In 2018, our company won the title of national high-tech enterprise, and responded to local policies, increased scientific and technological investment, built a research and development platform, recruited scientific and technological innovation and technical personnel, and helped the scientific and technological innovation of stroller enterprises. The market competitiveness of the whole industry in the industry has been continuously enhanced. Become the most influential signboard enterprise in Quzhou County.

In recent years, Quzhou County has also shouted the slogan of "Quzhou prosperity and revitalization of stroller manufacturing first", focusing on cultivating leaders, building parks, creating brands and expanding scale, so as to make the stroller industry bigger and stronger, seize the market opportunity with the advantages of technology and scale and fight on the world stage. Quzhou has successively established industry university research cooperation relations with more than 30 famous colleges and universities in China, such as Tsinghua University and the Chinese Academy of Sciences. Behind each large-scale enterprise, at least one or two scientific research institutes provide scientific and technological support, and the bicycle (stroller) industry has truly realized upgrading and quality and efficiency growth.

In order to expand and strengthen the bicycle (stroller) industry, Quzhou county makes every effort to build a closed industrial chain, customize the whole chain industrial base for enterprises, cultivate the joint venture base projects of strengthening the village and enriching the people of bicycles, effectively improve the industrial collaborative innovation ability and agglomeration level, and build a whole chain industrial base integrating "incubator accelerator Industrial Park".


Post time: Dec-25-2021