Baby stroller capable of changing direction TX-L520

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The stroller was named the 520, not only the first prototype of the product was developed on May 20,but also it is full of love.Here are 9 reasons why its so full of love.

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The stroller was named the 520, not only the first prototype of the product was developed on May 20, but also it is full of love.Here are 9 reasons why its so full of love.

First, the sunshade can be adjusted up, down, left and right at 180 degrees, it can really block the wind,dust and sunlight in multiple directions. Fully protect your baby.

Second,It can be folded quickly and simply. When folded, it can be stand alone , that your hands are free and it is easier to take care of your baby. The volume is small after folding.It can be easily put into the trunk of the car, and it is consignment free when you go by plane.

Third,it is light weight,moms can pick it up easily.You can even hold the child in one hand and pull it walk after folding in the other.

Fourth,the push-bar is retractable.The height can be adjusted according to the user’s needs.

Fifth, the seat 360 degree rotating seat make it easier for baby to choose between interacting with you and facing the world.They can sit and lie in it, high-landscape seat design make baby’s vision batter and keeps away from car exhaust.The backrest is ergonomically designed to protect the infant’s immature neck and back ,and more comfortable.

Sixth, fully enlcosed armrest prevents baby from falling off, ensure the safety of the child.

Seventh, linked brakes on rear wheels prevents it from slidding, easy to control the stroller.

Eighth, It can also be used as dining chairs to meet the needs of different scenarios.

Ninth, with a load capacity of 100 kilograms,let moms feel more at ease. These are just a few of its advantages, and there’s more to discover for yourself.

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